05/2016 - Product, controversy

Gizmodo publishes a series of articles about alleged problems with Facebook’s Trending Topics section, including lack of integration of the Trending Topics team with Facebook’s overall culture and workforce, discretion vested in that team to make decisions (including the ability to artificially inject content into Trending Topics even if it has not been trending so far), and potential for bias in the way the discretion is exercised, with a particular focus on bias against conservatism.[247][248][249] The controversy is picked up by other news media, the United States Senate Committee, and many conservative outlets.[250][251][252] Facebook defends itself against the allegations,[253] but also invites leading conservatives, including United States Republican presidential primary frontrunner Donald Trump, libertarian-leaning conservative commentator Glenn Beck (who is very impressed with Facebook’s actions), and CNN commentator S. E. Cupp, for a meeting to discuss and address concerns.[254][255] On May 23, Facebook subsequently announces changes to its Trending Topics section, and releases a 28-page document on the subject
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